My 15 Favourite Posts of 2016

December 26, 2016

Stack of pretty notebooksI did consider writing a wrap up of the year like I do with my capsule wardrobes. However, I realised that would be the longest post ever and put you all to sleep. Instead, I’m just going to share 10 of my favourite blog posts of the year. These should keep you busy if you’re looking for some reading material over the festive break.

My Favourite Blog Posts

  1. How To Create A Capsule Wardrobe – My complete guide to creating your perfect capsule wardrobe.
  2. 15 Things I’ve Learned From Blogging – I share a few things I’d learned in my first year of blogging and included a few useful tips
  3. Thoughts on Fashion Blogging – Chatting about what I really think of fashion blogging and whether or not I can call myself a fashion blogger
  4. How to Get Invited To Blogger Events – Here I shared a few tips on how you can get invited to more blogger events
  5. Fashion Revolution Week – This was one of my first posts on ethical fashion and the dark side of the fashion industry
  6. Finding Your Personal Style – Here I shared my top tips for finding your own personal style
  7. 7 Steps To A More Sustainable Wardrobe – After learning about the dark side of fashion I wanted to share how you can create a sustainable wardrobe
  8. Why Is It So Hard To Shop Ethically? – After deciding to create a more ethical wardrobe I spoke about how hard it is to shop ethically
  9. Is Instagram Making Us Feel Inadequate? – Discussing the issues around the constant images of perfect lives we see online
  10. Overcoming Self-Doubt – We all experience self-doubt from time to time, here I share my tips for regaining your confidence
  11. What is The Slow Fashion Movement – Introducing the slow fashion movement and why you should care about it
  12. Fast Fashion: Is It a Feminist Issue? – A look at the impact of fast fashion on women’s lives and why you can’t call yourself a feminist if you support fast fashion
  13. Barriers To Ethical Fashion – Discussing some of the common barriers to ethical fashion and how to overcome them
  14. Is Ethical Fashion Only For The Wealthy? – Discussing whether or not ethical fashion is only for the wealthy and how you can shop on a budget
  15. The Wardrobe Mission – Here I set out my plans for my wardrobe and created my personal wardrobe mission

I’d love to know what blog post you’ve enjoyed this year so please let me know your favourite in the comments below.

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