10 x 10 Style Challenge Wrap Up

October 3, 2016

Instagram images from the 10x10 style challenge

On Saturday I completed my 10 x 10 style challenge. Over the last 10 days, I have styled 10 outfits using only 10 pieces. I decided to do the 10 x 10 style challenge as I wanted to force myself to be a bit more creative when styling my outfits and to make the most of every piece in my wardrobe. Doing the style challenge at the end of the season also enabled me to take my time putting together my autumn capsule wardrobe by removing everything (expect my 10 pieces) from my wardrobe. If you have no idea what I’m on about pop over to my 10 x 10 style challenge post where I explain all about the challenge and the pieces I included in my mini capsule wardrobe. I’m going to do this wrap-up post in the same style as my summer capsule wardrobe wrap up with a series of questions and answers (mainly to stop me rambling on and on)

What were the 5 biggest takeaways

  1. You can still have lots of options with only a few pieces. 10 different outfits from only 10 pieces of clothing is totally doable. In fact, I probably could have created a few more outfits from the items I had picked out.
  2. It was nice to style up an outfit every day. Lately, I’d been getting into the habit of spending the day in loungewear or just jeans and a t-shirt so it’s been good to make an effort every day.
  3. Having less forces you to be more creative when putting together your outfit. I think my more creative outfits came later in the challenge after I’d done all the simple top + bottom outfits. This was when I started to really experience the benefits of the challenge and discovered a couple of new outfit options.
  4. I started to really think about my outfits. I got into the habit of thinking about my outfit the night before and pulling everything I needed together so it was ready just to put on in the morning. This became a nice ritual to end the day and had the added benefit of saving time in the morning. I will definitely try to continue this going forward.
  5. It didn’t feel repetitive. I was a little concerned I would get fed up wearing the same pieces for nearly 2 weeks. But I didn’t even feel like I was always in the same thing. I think this is because I was making an effort to style everything in different ways.

The Outfits

The 10 x 10 Style Challenge - 10 outfits created from 10 different pieces of clothing.

What were the key factors that made it work?

What were the best things about it?

What would you do differently?

What about laundry?

I didn’t actually consider the impact of laundry when I started this challenge. I normally do a wash load once a week which includes my clothes from the week as well as my underwear. I thought I could continue with this during the challenge (obviously I was wearing clean underwear every day) but some of the tops did need a wash between wears. The polka dot shirt, in particular, needed a wash after every wear. This did mean I was washing it at night on its own. This really isn’t ideal as I don’t want to run my washing machine for only one item. Luckily the shirt dries quickly and can just be hung overnight instead of going in the tumble drier. For other items that maybe just needed a quick freshen up my washing machine has a steam refresh cycle which spins clothes in hot steam for 20 minutes. I never really used this setting until this week and finally understand why the sales women was so excited about it. This has been keeping my clothes feeling fresh between washes over the last 10 days. Running a quick wash in the evening or the steam refresh cycle is OK in the short term however it’s not sustainable long term, I know I’m happy to back to my normal laundry routine this week.

3 Favourite Outfits

favourite outfits from the 10 x 10 style challenge

  1. Black Jeans + Polka Dot Shirt + Black Jumper + Loafers. I loved this preppy look, I really liked the way the loafers look with the jeans rolled up a little. Before the style challenge, I never used this jumper for layering as I didn’t think it had the right neckline, but I really like how it looks with the shirt underneath.
  2. Black Jeans + Khaki Shirt + Black Boots + Black Bag. For the last day of the style challenge, I wanted to create a dressier look which would work for a night out. I normally wear this shirt casually but think it looks great as a dressier option. It’s amazing how adding a different bag can completely change the feel of an outfit, this outfit would be way more casual without the bag.
  3. Blue Jeans + Polka Dot Shirt + Black Boots. This is a very me outfit. I love wearing a button down shirt with jeans and think this is a perfect everyday outfit. The boots dress it up a little but I think the overall look is really simple and casual.

3 Least Favourite Outfits

Least favourite outfits from the 10 x 10 style challenge

  1. Black Jeans + Polka Dot Shirt + Black Loafers. As much as I loved this shirt styled with my blue jeans I don’t think it looks right with the black jeans. I think the jeans are too tight to wear with the slim fitting shirt. The proportions of this outfit just aren’t right.
  2. Black Skirt + Polka Dot Shirt + Sleeveless Blazer + Black Loafers. There is nothing inherently wrong with this outfit, it just isn’t for me. I think it’s just a bit too corporate for me. The denim skirt doesn’t work right with the slightly more formal shirt and blazer combo. Maybe if it was a smarter skirt the outfit would have worked better.
  3. Blue Jeans + Khaki Shirt + Black Jumper + Black Boots. This is another outfit where the proportions aren’t quite right. The looser fit jeans don’t look right with the loose fitting top half. Maybe if I had worn this with the black jeans I would feel differently. I also don’t think the khaki shirt sits as well underneath the jumper as the polka dot one did.

Will you do it again?

Yes, I think I will give the challenge another go. Maybe in the warmer months where I find styling outfits more difficult.

clothes hanging on rail

7 responses to “10 x 10 Style Challenge Wrap Up”

  1. Naomi says:

    Ooh, interesting! I wonder if I could do this… I definitely agree with your observations about colour palettes, it makes combining clothes much easier.

    • Jen says:

      It’s worth giving it a go Naomi, it’s only 10 days. I really enjoyed the experience, it really shows you that you don’t need a wardrobe full of clothes

  2. Heidi B says:

    Fab pieces. I love autumn/winter fashion, being able to mix & layer up is great. Great styling of the 10 🙂
    H x

  3. Ruth MacGilp says:

    I really want to do this…may be stealing the idea, but definitely won’t look as good as you!

    Ruth xxx

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