10 x 10 Style Challenge

September 22, 2016

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I’ve been seeing the idea of doing a 10 x 10 style challenge come up a lot recently and I thought it might be a really good way to transition my wardrobe into autumn. I’ve never done any kind of style challenge despite my interest in capsule wardrobes. I find coming up with outfit ideas pretty straightforward despite only having around 40 pieces in my wardrobe so don’t see the capsule wardrobe as much of a challenge. However, I do sometimes find myself getting stuck in a rut and repeating the same outfits over and over again. So I’m hoping this little challenge will force me to be a bit more creative putting together outfits and styling them up.

What is the 10 x 10 Style Challenge

The 10 x 10 style challenge is taking 10 pieces of clothing and using them to create 10 outfits over 10 days (or 2 weeks if you want to have a couple of PJ days at the weekend). Sounds pretty simple right. I think it sounds like a great way to test out a capsule wardrobe if you’re a little unsure. It will also (hopefully) show me that I can create a variety of unique outfits from my existing wardrobe and force me to make the most of every piece. I’m also hoping the challenge will help me to identify gaps in my wardrobe and create a sensible autumn wish list. It will also give me a little more time to organise the rest of my autumn capsule.

What I’m Including

I’m counting all clothes and shoes in my 10 items. However, I’m not including accessories as I feel these will be needed to help create the outfits. Although these aren’t included in the number I have separated around 5 pieces which I will be using. This to help give the challenge focused and simplify getting dressed each day. I had to think carefully about whether or not to include a coat in the final 10. I decided to exclude coats and jackets from my capsule wardrobe last winter because living in Scotland means you need a range of coats to deal with the ever-changing weather. I decided to leave a coat out of the final 10, as I’m working from home just now so probably won’t be out that much. I also think it’s better to grab a weather appropriate coat if I do go out as a style challenge isn’t worth being cold or soaking wet for.

The final 10 items are:
Black Loafers – Topshop (exact)
Black Ankle Boots – Ash Boots (exact)
Black Sleeveless Blazer – Dorothy Perkins (similar)
Black Jumper – Oasis (similar)
Black Denim Skirt – Topshop (exact)
White Dot Print Blouse – Topshop (similar)
Stripe Long Sleeve Top – Oasis (similar, Eco Brand)
Black Jeans – Oasis (exact)
Blue Jeans – Topshop (similar)
Khaki Shirt – Whistles (exact)

Pieces for a 10 x 10 style challenge

I will be sharing my daily outfits over on my Instagram and will include them all in a roundup post after I’ve completed the 10 x 10 style challenge. So look out for that post coming up in 10 days time.

Can you style 10 pieces into 10 outfits? The 10 x 10 style challenge is a mini capsule wardrobe challenge to test your styling skills. Click through for more information and to get started

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